Pastor Roberts' Message

I extend congratulations to the women of Peoples Baptist Church for putting together another Women's Day Program. I am very appreciative of the creativity and enthusiasm you demonstrate each year while putting on this annual Women's Day event. Women are not only stronger numerically in the Church but they also constitute a leadership reservoir which cannot be underestimated. I am delighted to see how active women are in the life of our Church and commend you on the significant leadership positions you presently occupy in Peoples.

Thank God for what He has accomplished in Peoples Baptist Church through the ministry of women. I am deeply grateful for the sacrificial gifts the women will give to underwrite the repair of the air condition units in the Sanctuary and Klugh Hall.

May God continue to richly bless each of you and continue to make you a blessing for His sake.


Reverend Dr. Wesley A. Roberts



Women's Day 2012 Booklet Cover