Visitor's Information

What to Expect at Our Sunday Morning Services:

We hold two weekly services on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM (live stream). When you arrive, a greeter will welcome you in the foyer, give you our Sunday bulletin, and direct you into the sanctuary.

Greeters will advise you when to enter if you arrive late. First-time visitors can ask Greeters all questions about the church, time of services, class schedule, child care, dress code, and parking availability.

A typical service includes:

     Organ Prelude


     Songs of Praise

     Welcoming of Guests and Greeting of Each Other

     Musical selection

     Reading of Scripture



     Presentation of Tithes and Offerings

     Altar Prayer

     Pastoral Emphasis

     Closing Selection (God be with You)

Visitor's Information Card

As you are seated, you will find PBC a salmon color Card for visitors in the pew. You may fill it during the service and place it in the basket at the rear of the Sanctuary. The cards are then given to the Pastor who will contact you to tell you more about our church and the possibilities of becoming an active member.


Our services usually include a Prelude, hymns, and music in the Service including during the Offering played by live musicians.

Tithes and Offering

We take a weekly offering by passing baskets during the service. Visitors may feel free to make a donation in cash or by check made out to Peoples Baptist Church of Boston.

Members make annual pledges that are paid during our fiscal year; pledges and offering basket amounts are used to support the church operations as well as our programs and activities. Occasionally, we take a special designated collection.

Fellowship Luncheon

After service, we invite you to join us for a fellowship hour hosted by a ministry or a small group. This time provides an opportunity to meet members, the pastor or the speaker, and other visitors.

It gives you the opportunity to learn more about church programs and activities. This is also a good time to check the bulletin boards located in the Atrium, or sign-up for an activity, and to make friends in our church community.

There is always a monthly event that allows current and prospective members the opportunity to socialize. Dinners, after-service lunches, small group cruises, and other activities that bring everyone together in a low-key, fun setting that benefits all.

New Member Luncheon

The church hosts a reception for new members every trimester after they have successfully completed a membership class offered by our Pastor. The reception usually takes place after the service in the Klugh Hall where longstanding members can get acquainted with new visitors.

The pastor and deacons, deaconesses, ministers, and the church body at large can answer questions about our church programs as well as engage in friendly conversations to put guests at ease.

Handicapped Accessible Amenities

Peoples Baptist Church has facilities that are specifically designed to assist people with disabilities. This way, they won’t have a hard time going to our church to join our Sunday services in Boston, MA.


If you are a first time visitor, our hope is that you will easily find parking in the church parking lot on Camden Street. When you pull up to our parking lot, you will be met by an attendant who will help you find a spot in that lot or direct you to other nearby parking spaces on the vacant lot next to the Mirage at Estelle’s at 151 Lennox Street. There is also plenty of parking on Tremont Street.